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Guangzhou Beauty Expo

On March 10, 2022, the 59th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo was grandly opened at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex! More than 300,000 square meters of all-industry and omni-channel feasts, 30+ pavilions in the three exhibition areas of A, B, and C compete for their youth, and more than 4,000 high-quality enterprises have been ready to wait since the beginning of the year, and have successively moved to larger, more concentrated and more The integrated exhibition stage, together with hundreds of thousands of professional audiences, has jointly created a brand-new "the largest exhibition in the beauty industry".

Guangzhou Beauty Expo.jpg

Crowds of people at the beauty fair.


Various beauty instruments are displayed.


hair removal machine.jpg

The beauty industry staff try out the instrument for the customer on the spot of The Beauty Exhibition.

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